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Birthday photo sessions are a fun way to capture your baby's very 1st birthday, with a beautiful cake and adorable little outfits.

This is the one time that they are allowed to make a mess.. and boy do they love it!

This is then followed by a relaxing 'bath time' set up for your little one to wash off. This includes my old fashioned white roll top bath, fresh white towels and yellow rubber ducks.
(These sessions are very natural and simple. I do not use colourful decorations, bright cakes or distracting elements)

Your baby has reached their very 1st birthday and this is the first big milestone in their lives.

All outfits, accessories, props and cake are provided for your baby during their session, however if you have a special keepsake that you'd like included in your session then feel free to bring this with you.

If you love the idea of celebrating your little ones very first birthday but you would rather have no cake then we can use other birthday props instead

These photo shoots take place in the cosy home studio based in Aldershot Hampshire (accessible from Fleet, Camberley and Guildford)

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