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Why Newborn Photography Costs What It Does

''Why Does Newborn Photography Cost So Much?''

I am sure that some of you have noticed the price difference between a normal photo shoot and a newborn shoot.

Here I will explain the ins and outs of why us Newborn Photographers have to charge what we do.

Firstly I would just like to say that if you are paying anything under around £100 for a full session and images (without any offers or promotions) then the chances are your Photographer is either inexperienced or not running a legal business. Either of these would be very worrying as they are handling your precious baby that is just a few days old, so a good photographer is something that is well worth investing in.

So… here are some of the reasons why us Newborn Photographers charge what we do.

Training - Before starting my business, after and still to this day I invest in very decent (not so cheap) training. It is super important that I learn all I can.

  • Photography courses - Keeping up to date with my camera & equipment settings

  • Photoshop courses - Learning Photoshop so I can retouch each of your images to a high standard

  • Safety courses - Learning how to handle and pose babies safely

  • Marketing courses - Knowing how to market well to keep my business running

Equipment - When starting up my business just over a year ago I had to dip into my savings account to buy all of the things that I would need to get started… and by ‘dip’ I actually mean spending every penny that I had saved over the last 4 years. But this was essential to ensure that I had all of the things that I would need, like:

  • Cameras

  • Lenses

  • Lighting

  • Backdrops

  • Laptop

  • Editing software

Props & Accessories - A photo shoot would be very boring if I didn’t invest in good props, cute accessories and lots of different outfits & wraps for your little one. However styles can change overtime so I will constantly be buying new things for my business, and this will continue for as long as I am a photographer.

Flexibility - There are certain days that I keep free incase your baby arrives early or late. It is vital that I keep some time free to fit you in in these cases, which means I am not able to earn money elsewhere.

Your packaging - In order for me to present your beautiful images to you I need to spend out on cute little USB sticks, pretty boxes, and ribbon.

Marketing - To keep my business running behind the scenes I have to pay for an excellent website host, business cards, flyers, online advertisements and more.

Tax - We all have to pay the dreaded tax man, so we all know just how expensive this can be. This takes a huge chunk out of what I earn each year.

Other outgoings - There are lots of other costs that come with running a good photo session. Dog sitting fees for my fluffy best friend, heating to keep your little one warm, electricity for my lighting equipment, refreshments for my customers etc.

My Time - This is a big one as you can’t buy more time. When I am dedicating myself to my business I am using up valuable time of which I need to earn money from.

  • Marketing (8-10 hours a week)

  • Accounts/Book keeping (2 hours a month)

  • Admin (4 hours a week)

  • Cleaning the studio area (1 hour per session)

  • Planning your session (30 mins per session)

  • Setting up for the session (1.5 hours per session)

  • Shooting time (3 hours per session)

  • Packing up after the session (30 mins per session)

  • Editing (8-10 hours per session)

  • Preparing your packaging (20 mins per session)

  • Meeting with you to deliver the packaging

Each of the above amounts up to a lot of my time and money, sitting behind a computer working and missing out on family or sociable time. I wouldn’t have it any other way but this amazing hobby has now turned into a great business, in which I need to earn a living from so I am able to continue doing this for a very long time.

I urge anyone looking for a Newborn Photographer to consider all of the above when you are pricing Photographers in your area.

These days it seems like anyone and everyone calls themselves a Photographer, however it takes time, money and passion to give your customers quality and professionalism.

I will close this with a good motto ''Good work isn’t cheap and cheap work isn’t good''

Thank you for reading.

Annie x

Photo sessions covering Bagshot, Camberley, Frimley, Aldershot, Farnham, Farnborough, Bracknell, Egham, Windsor, Reading, Guildford and other surrounding areas.

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