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About Me - My Personal Side (Just For Fun)

I like to think that I am getting to know my customers quite well by the end of their session, and that they are getting to know me too... but naturally we only tend to discuss Mum stuff ~

So I thought I’d take some time to write a little blog about myself ~ my personal side that some of you don’t always get a chance to see during your session.

Here is a list below with a little bit about me:

I’m 32 years of age

I’m married to a wonderful man, my best friend

I have a lovely rescue dog from Greece. She is very cheeky but has a big heart when she gets to trust you

I’m not a Mummy yet but hope to be soon. Watch this space for 2019! :)

I have a beautiful little niece & 2 wonderful godchildren

I’m one of four siblings.. the baby of the family.

Id say I’m pretty close to my family, and I’m not quite sure where I’d be without them.

I used to be a party animal, and I’m sure she is still inside there somewhere, but my perfect night is now spent at home with my husband, dog, movies, wine and chocolate!

Things I like:

Obviously photography is my passion, but I absolutely love painting! .. I don’t get time to do it often and I’m not particularly good at it, but I just love it. I find it quite therapeutic and want to start doing it more.

I love adrenaline! I have done several weird & wonderful things so far but the best was this - I did a skydive for Alzheimer’s charity a few years ago and I hope one day a get to do this again. Anything that gets the heart racing is right up my street

Anything to do with yoga meditating, & manifesting a better life

All animals

Anything David Attinborough

Food food food! I can’t get enough of it and think of any excuse to go out for lovely meals, get takeaways and satisfy my super sweet tooth

Reality TV. I love anything Kardashian, made in Chelsea etc

(This is when I’m in a separate room as my husband hates them)

Things I dislike:

Celery and sea food... yuk!

Watching the news. Not only is it the most boring thing in the world, but it’s so depressing. I can’t stand anything that brings my energy down

Animal cruelty

... Actually, writing this has just made me realise that there isn’t much that I dislike.

I’m sure I’ll think of a lot more later though, but for now this is a little taste of me and my personal side.

I’d love to know a little bit more about you, whether it be that you are a past customer of mine, a follower, or someone that has an upcoming photo session with me.

Tell me something about yourself.. your favourite hobby, or something that not many people know.

I’d love to hear something from you.

Annie x

Photo sessions covering Bagshot, Camberley, Frimley, Aldershot, Farnham, Farnborough, Bracknell, Egham, Windsor, Reading, Guildford and other surrounding areas.

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