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Don’t Forget The Little Things - Why Capturing Your Newborn Baby’s Details Are So Important

Don’t forget the little things.

Your new baby has arrived and they are so small, you feel that they will stay this small forever. But within just a few days your baby starts to change. They start to develop in this new environment, their hands and feet start to peel, they develop milk dots on their tiny noses, and those teeny hands and feet start to grow. These are the details that you want to capture and cherish as soon as you can.

When people think of a newborn baby photoshoot they think of a baby in a basket or dressed up in cute clothing. They think of a full portrait shot with all the bells and whistles… But how will you get to see those beautiful details of your baby?

This is where our natural ‘lifestyle’ newborn photoshoots come in. We always aim to get those full shots of course, the ones in the cute swaddle wrap or holding that favourite teddy. But our main focus is to capture those gorgeous details that make up your baby and make them unique.

We want our customers to look back at their images and think 'I remember the way he curled his toes up like that’ or ’look how tiny her hands were’ … and in order for us to deliver you with those memories we have to get the close up shots

Not only are these natural and beautiful, but they also look amazing on a wall collage or in a photo album.

If you remember this when choosing your images it will help you create that beautiful home display showing every special part of your baby

Why don’t all photographers offer this?

Some photographers like to offer you the whole scene, the whole set up with the floral background and the fur rugs. And although this is beautiful and a very arty style it just shows you the baby as a whole.

When our customers tell us what they want from a shoot they often think they want the whole picture but in fact the close up detailed images tend to be the top favourites.

To make these close up shots stand out we use very neutral backgrounds and materials. This will take away anyway distraction leaving the focus purely on your baby

We also offer the same style of images for our sitting baby sessions, capturing those chubby wrists and thighs, close up shots of that cheeky one-tooth smile and that wrinkly bottom!

The other great thing about detailed shots of your baby is that they look just as amazing in black and white (as long as the photo is taken with flattering lighting, shadows and highlights in the right place, and from a good angle)

When we convert our colour images into black and white we use our photoshop tools to really make these images pop, leaving you with a stunning, raw and timeless image.

However you decide to remember these first magical moments, don’t forget the little things.

How do I book a photo session?

We would love to hear from you and capture those wonderful stages of your baby’s first year.

Simply use our contact page to pop us a message letting us know what type of shoot you would like to book

~ Maternity portraits are recommended at around 34-36 weeks

~ Newborn photo sessions are best being held when your baby is under 2-3 weeks

~ Sitting baby sessions are recommended to take place when your little one is starting to sit up at around 8months of age

~ Birthday sessions can take place at any time from 11-13 months

We hope you have enjoyed this blog and manage to take some inspiration from it.

We hope to hear from you soon and to capture these wonderful details for your baby too

Annie Allen Photography x

Author: Annie Allen

Professional Photographer specialising in maternity, newborn, baby, birthday and family photography

Aldershot Hampshire based (covering Guildford, Farnham, Camberley, Woking, Reading, Basingstoke and Bracknell areas)


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