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Looking For A Newborn Baby Photographer? - Everything You Need To Know Before Booking Your Shoot

If you are reading this then a huge congratulations is probably due … So congratulations!

I also assume that you are reading this as you have been looking for that one photographer who is the perfect fit for you and your family

There are a few things to consider here first -

Cost. Although memories are priceless we need to be realistic and find someone that is within our budget, as we all have one. Although I’d also be willing to be a bit flexible on this if you find the right photographer for you

Location. I’m sure you’d be willing to travel if you needed to, because its worth it to get those shots that you dream of.. however travelling with a newborn might not be all that fun, and so I’d recommend searching for a photographer within one hour travel time from you

Style. This is the most important one, because if you end up booking a photographer that offers a style that you don’t utterly love, then there is no point. You’ll want to love, cherish and show off your images forever… so you need to go for a style that you love and one that compliments the style of your home.

When should you book your photoshoot?

Newborn sessions are best being booked during your pregnancy, ideally just after your 12 week scan. This is to ensure availability on your photographers end.

Usually a part deposit is required to secure your slot

What happens if your baby is overdue?

Any newborn baby photographer will appreciate how common this is. And so it is a MUST that your photographer be flexible here with dates.

In my case I always save several spare dates per month that I don’t book out to new clients. They are put aside for previous bookings incase their due dates change - And if the date isn’t used then it becomes an admin or editing day.

Obviously I can only speak for my own business here but…

What to expect during the shoot?

My newborn photoshoots are a chance for parents to relax. I will be handling baby, wrapping, dressing and positioning (and even doing nappy changes and bottle feeding if you want me to!) so this is your chance to put your feet up with a cuppa and take it all in.

My sessions are very baby led so I don’t spend too much time trying to rock them to sleep or fuss around with poses, so it is all very relaxed.

Towards the end of the session is when we can get some family shots if that is something that you would like.

I provide all clothing, accessories and props for your baby so you don’t need to worry about buying or bringing anything

What happens after?

After your session I will handpick the final images that I want to bring forward to the retouching stage. I will then retouch these one by one with love and care. You will then be invited back to the studio to view and choose your images

What is included in my package?

Like any business, things can change, so this information might be different at your time of booking. But for right now - there are 10 images included in your package, both in digital and print form. There will also be the option to purchase additional images if you wish - These are currently £30

There are probably a tonne of other questions that you might have, that I haven’t mentioned here. So feel free to pop me a message if you’d like any more information on my newborn baby photo shoots, or the other sessions that I offer.

.... Oh wait, I thought of another question you might have… and the answer is YES, siblings and pets are welcome to your photoshoot :)

Author: Annie Allen

Professional Photographer specialising in maternity, newborn, baby, birthday and family photography.

Postpartum body confidence motherhood blog

Aldershot Hampshire based (covering Guildford, Farnham, Camberley, Woking, Reading, Basingstoke and Bracknell areas)


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