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Why Invest In A Newborn Photoshoot?

Why invest in a newborn photoshoot? Not sure if it is worth it?

We can’t deny that taking pictures is important to us… we all live with our camera phones in our hands these days

You might be sitting on the fence about whether investing in a newborn photo shoot is worth it to you.

It always is, let me tell you why

Memories are priceless as we all know. By hiring a professional photographer you are locking in those memories for a lifetime

High quality images, which is important for printing. If you want to go past 6x4 or 7x5 then you’ll need more than a phone camera for your pictures

My style is unique, it’s all been  coordinated, planned, thought about, and tailored to your requests. Natural, timeless and classic

It’s the little touches, which we can’t deny we love. A lot of effort goes into your shoot from the start right to the end, when you receive your beautiful package

Single hand edited images, which means I don’t batch edit images fully, I take time retouching the little details with time and love

Experience is key, I’ve studied for years, worked with many differed trainers and photographers, and the knowledge I’ve gained in invaluable. This is also extremely important when looking for a photographer to handle your newborn baby

We get to see YOU - Being a Mum myself I know how it feels to always be the one taking the photo, not the one in it. So by hiring someone else this allows you to join in and be present with your favourite people

You’ll be able to sit back, relax, chat and have a cuppa - I can do it all for you. What new mama doesn’t need a rest right!

‘’I regret investing in my families memories’’ - said no one ever!

Author: Annie Allen

Professional Photographer specialising in maternity, newborn, baby, birthday and family photography.

Postpartum body confidence motherhood blog

Aldershot Hampshire based (covering Guildford, Farnham, Camberley, Woking, Reading, Basingstoke and Bracknell areas)


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