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Recommended Local Baby Classes / Groups

I know I’m not the only one that was starting to feel the loneliness and boredom of isolation! Since lockdown has lifted more and more places are starting to reopen and allow more people through their doors again. Yes restrictions can take away a little bit of fun and of course the masks make it tricky to meet new people and communicate.. however it’s also a privilege to have these groups open up again. Just knowing that you have somewhere to go that day, something to do and people to meet is a breath of fresh air for the mind.

I’ve put together a little list of local baby classes that I’d highly recommended. These are classes that I have either done within the last 20 months (as that’s how old my little one is) or classes that I am still doing now.

I am based in Aldershot Hampshire so these are all still very local to Camberley, Fleet, Farnham, Ash, Tongham, Guildford etc.

Gym Jams Soft Play - Normandy

This soft play comes highly recommended by myself and also online. It’s family run so always feels very welcoming, always kept very clean and tidy. The session times are very flexible and there is lots of free parking so even if you are running late you will always get a space.

One of the great things about this place is that it is all in one big hall and on the same level so you can always see your little one. You also get a hot drink with your ticket so you can sit back and relax a bit and catch up with friends. You are allowed to bring lunch / snack and your own drinks with you, and there are plenty of tables to sit at.

The sessions are 1.5 hours so a very reasonable amount of time. I always find this is great for tiring the little ones out. There is also a play park and field near the car park entrance.

(Pay as you go)

Music With Mummy - Farnham

This is one of those franchises so there will be one local to you depending on where you are based, but we currently attend the Farnham class with Sue who is fantastic!

The class is all about music and sensory, learning & development. Each term has a different theme and brand new toys, props and songs.

With this class I found that Pippa really found her rhythm and started to enjoy music and move to it more. It’s definitely a great one to build their confidence.

Due to covid whilst attending these classes we have always had to sit on our own little mat with separate toys but you can remove your masks once seated so you can still sing and play with your little one without restrictions. Sessions are 30 mins.

(Pay per term)

Guildford spectrum - Toddler splash

I absolutely love this place for little ones. It’s super fun and great for building up water confidence. There are different levels of water from paddling, to lagoon, to full depth swimming. There are big flumes that you can go on together and smaller slides for the children. The squirty fish and the tipping water buckets on the ceiling are amazing for sensory, and the jacuzzis are lovely to have a little chill out. The staff are always friendly and each session is 1.5 hours so it gives you plenty of time. Great for tiring your little ones out. This is suitable for any age, and I often see mums there with very young babies just enjoying the shallow areas.

(Pay as you go)

Rushmoor Gymnastics (Baby Gym) Aldershot

This is a gymnastics hall which also offers baby sessions. Each session is 1 hour and it is a huge open space with padded flooring so your little one can run around and be free without hurting themselves if they call. There is a section with little play cars, slides etc, a big trampoline built into the floor and a huge pit that they can play in. There is also a bouncy castle and a long bouncy running strip.

(Pay as you go)

Author: Annie Allen

Professional Photographer specialising in maternity, newborn, baby, birthday and family photography

Aldershot Hampshire based (covering Guildford, Farnham, Camberley, Woking, Reading, Basingstoke and Bracknell areas)


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