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Things To Do Before Your Baby Arrives

If you are reading this blog then a HUGE congratulations on your upcoming bundle of joy!

This can be a very exciting time filled with lots of other emotions too.

I remember when I was expecting my first baby.. all I wanted to do from the get go was nest nest and nest! They say this comes right at the end of pregnancy a few days before you go into labour... but not for me. This was an urge that I felt all of the way through. I guess this was a good thing for me as it meant that I was able to get organised and do little bits at a time rather than leave it all to the last minute and get overwhelmed.

Whatever your situation and stage of pregnancy it’s still a good idea to make a note of the things that you might need to prepare before.

I’ve created a little list below, most of which are just very practical ideas to make your life easier before baby arrives, and a few tips for after. You’ll thank your past self later for doing this prior

Before baby arrives

Frozen meals - To get through your first 1-3 weeks I’d really recommend having some meals prepped and ready to bung in the microwave.

Toiletries and baby supplies - Although pottering around the supermarket with baby and grandma seems like a lovely little afternoon out, I’d suggest stock piling a little on these supplies as getting out in the first couple of weeks isn’t always an option

Plenty of chill time, you time, massages and beauty treatments -

This is something that ALL expectant mums should make time for where possible. Although this may not seem like a necessity, it really is. Pampering yourself is so good for the soul.. and being happy, stress free and relaxed is key for baby.

(Just remember to check which treatments are safe during pregnancy)

Once baby has arrived

Skin on skin - This is the very first thing that your midwife will encourage you to do with your baby. It’s a great way to get that immediate bond started and comfort baby. It’s also a great idea for Dad to do this too as much as possible.

Put off the visitors at first - Obviously this is the most exciting time of our lives and we want to share our new baby with everyone we love.. but we have a lifetime to do this. People will ask to visit and all want a little cuddle with baby.. but trust me, once you say yes to one it is hard to say no to everyone else. And before you know it you’ve had your uncle Bob’s neighbour and his dog around to visit.

Yes babies love cuddles but it is also important that they get to know who Mum and Dad are, so passing them around to everyone when they are just days young could be confusing for them.

It is hard to say no to people so set the rules before baby arrives. Let people know that you need that special bonding time together and that the Midwife visits are enough for the first few days. Obviously there may be an exception for grandparents or your best friend, but I would certainly recommend drawing the line somewhere for the first couple of weeks

Sleep when you can - This is one of those tips that everyone gives but not many people stick to. Of course when baby is asleep your are tempted to quickly put the washing on or run the hoover around.. but try to stop yourself if you can and get some rest instead. This may mean that you and Dad need to take turns or you can get grandma to help with some chores that need doing at a later stage... but remember sleep is key to look after baby and keep going.

Say yes to help -

It’s likely that you’ll let in close family and friends, so when they are around use them. Ask them to pop the washing on, prep some sandwiches or do the washing up. This may seem like a cheeky ask but you’ll find that most people will offer anyway.

Energy -

This last point covers a lot of the above, but is definitely the most important. Remember to keep your energy up with plenty of healthy snacks, fruit, vitamins, and get all of the sleep that you can.

Parenthood is the most exciting time of your life. Get yourself prepared with the tips above and you’ll have all that you need to power through.

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Author: Annie Allen

Professional Photographer specialising in maternity, newborn, baby, birthday and family photography

Aldershot Hampshire based (covering Guildford, Farnham, Camberley, Woking, Reading, Basingstoke and Bracknell areas)


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