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7 Essentials For your Hospital Bag - Pregnancy Tips

'What do I actually need to pack for the hospital?' is a question that all first time mums ask. Packing your hospital bag should be a very exciting experience... 1 step closer to meeting your baby!

Take your time and think about what you will need. Most people recommend having your bag ready by the door or in the car at least 2 weeks before your due date... Lets face it, can we really rely on our partners to grab the right things in an emergency?!

I have put together a list of 7 essentials that you will need to pack.

1 - Distraction tools. The waiting game begins. You will be far too excited and nervous to get any rest, especially if it is your first baby. So bring things that will distract you and take your mind off the whole waiting process.. a book, your favourite magazine or an iPad.

2 - Toiletries. Hospitals will supply you with some of these but we all like to have our favourite creams, shampoo, toothpaste etc so it is always a good idea to pack your own. And don't forget sanitary towels!

TIP - buy empty travel bottles and fill with your own products to save money and space.

3 - Socks and night dress. Forget those horrible hospital gowns, you'll want to be comfortable in your own night dress, PJs and dressing gown so make sure you pack at least one of each. Gripped bed socks or slippers are also a must as hospital floors can be very cold when walking around.

4 - Clothes. You'll need clothes for leaving the hospital. A loose and comfortable outfit for your baby to give plenty of room for the cord, some non-scratch mittens and a blanket.. Lets face it, your baby will look cute in anything!.. For you, choose a loose maternity outfit and some comfortable shoes just incase you have some post-birth swelling. It is likely that you'll have some aches and pains so sore feet will be the last thing that you'll want.

5 - Nursing gear. Its always a good idea to bring some spare nappies, nappy bags, wipes, a maternity bra or two.. And don't forget your nursing pads. Even if you don't plan on nursing you are still likely to fill up with milk and there is bound to be a leakage. It is better to have too much then too little.

6 - Electronics. It goes without saying that you'll want to capture the first few hours of your little ones life and contact family members, so bring your camera, mobile phone and any chargers / batteries. That way you'll even be able to post a sneaky picture onto Facebook!

7 - Snacks. Chances are after giving birth you'll be tired and hungry. Keeping snacks close by means you won't have to wait for those small non-filling hospital meals before you get your sugar fix. This will also save your partner money on expensive hospital vending machines.

So there you have it ladies, a list of 7 maternity hospital bag essentials.

I wish you all the best on your birthing journeys.

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Annie x

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