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Planning A Baby Shower - Tips & Inspiration

Generally thinking, you will not be reading this to plan for your own baby shower.. you will probably be the mother, sister or the best friend of the mum-to-be.

You are now getting very excited to meet the upcoming arrival & to see the Mother's face when all of her loved ones jump out and shout 'SURPRISE!!'

...but remember to get the tissues ready because there will be lots of hormones, emotions and happy tears coming your way.

So.. continue reading to get some helpful tips and ideas to plan the most amazingly unforgettable baby shower.


There are lots of ways to invite your guests, such as sending paper invites (you can’t beat the traditional way).. or you can however make things very easy by setting up a Facebook or Whats app group - Just remember to keep it private so you don’t let the cat out the bag!

TIP- It is always handy to get involved with both sides of the family to avoid the awkwardness of forgetting people.


When choosing a venue there aren't really any rules. Just try to choose a venue that is easy for everyone to get to and somewhere that you can secretly decorate without the -mum-to-be seeing.

It might also be a good idea to make guests aware of off-venue parking to keep the cars hidden, not to ruin the surprise.


When decorating for a baby shower you can go all out! Balloons, cute bunting, table decorations, paper pom poms... Go as mad as you like!


For events like this you can easily get carried away with the catering side of things.. so it may be a good idea to get everyone involved to cut down the costs. Ask everyone to bring one item each, example: sandwiches, party sausages, fizzy drinks, paper plates etc - Just make sure you all discuss this first to save bringing too much of the same thing.

TIP - It might be worth hiring someone to make a special cake, if your baking skills are anything like mine!


Some people love them & some people hate them.. but it is a great idea to get some games prepared for those of you who do want to get involved in the fun.

Listed below are some fun baby games that are certainly worth a go:

Guess the bump size - Give everyone a long piece of ribbon.. get them to cut it to the size that they think is the size of the bump. At the end of the game the mum-to-be wraps each ribbon around her belly.. then the closest length wins a prize!

Guess the baby name - Everyone writes down on a piece of paper which name they think will be given to the new baby. The host can keep the answers safe and once the baby's name has been chosen you get to see who guessed correctly!

Pin the dummy on the baby - You can buy these from eBay. Everyone puts on the blind fold, spins around once and has to pin the dummy sticker on the baby poster. The closest wins!

Draw the baby - Everyone grabs a paper plate, holds it on their forehead where they can't see it, grabs a pen and tries to draw a baby. Mix up all of the plates and the mum-to-be can choose the favourite winner!


• Blankets

• Nappy cake

• Baby book

• Memory box (my first curl, tooth etc)

• Vouchers

• Baby toiletry box

TIP- It is a good idea to get a family member to prepare a list of what is needed & discus this on a group chat to avoid 2 of the same items.

So there we have it... some great ideas and inspiration.

I hope you have found this blog helpful & you should now be well on your way plan the BEST BABY SHOWER EVER!


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