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Stages Of Pregnancy - What To Expect

The stages of pregnancy is a difficult thing to be absolutely specific on as every woman, pregnancy & baby is different. There are so many changes to your body during pregnancy. Although it is an very exciting time it can also be very overwhelming. So it is a good idea to know about the changes so you will know what to expect.

Below are some rough guidelines on each stage broken down.

1st trimester (week 0-13 / month 0-3) There are many hormonal changes that will happen to your body within this time. You will miss your period, your breasts may feel tender and you may become very tired during this stage. A lot of women often get 'morning sickness' during the early stages. It is called 'morning sickness' although it can happen at any time during the day.

2nd trimester (week 14-27 / month 4-6) Your pregnancy will become more visible during this stage. You may begin to notice stretch marks as your abdomen and breasts grow. From around 18-24 weeks you may start to feel your baby move around. This varies from woman to woman.

3rd trimester (week 28 onwards / month 7 onwards) At this stage you may start to feel tired again and become out of breath easily as your baby grows. Finding a comfortable sleeping position at this stage can be difficult. You may also find that you need the toilet a lot during the night & have backaches, cramps or unpleasant dreams. This is also the stage where your body can have practice contractions called 'Braxton-Hicks contractions'. They can feel uncomfortable but are not painful. Your baby responds to sounds and will start to turn into a head-down position to prepare for the birth.

TIPs on 'morning sickness'

- Eat little & often

- Blander foods may be more manageable

- Plenty of rest where possible

- Stay hydrated

- Ginger biscuits or ginger drinks can help

- Eat rich fibre foods to avoid constipation

- Avoid fatty or spicy foods as they can cause heart burn

If you can't keep any food or fluids down then see your midwife

So now you know about the stages of pregnancy & what to expect you should be able to sit back, relax & try to enjoy it!

If you have found this blog helpful then stay tuned as my next blog will be about your baby's development during these stages.. and that is the exciting part! :)

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