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Week By Week Stages Of Pregnancy - Your Baby's Development

Week 1 - 3

Sperm Meets Egg

Your due date is calculated from the first day of your last menstrual period. Conception occurs about 2 weeks from this day. One of your ovaries will release an egg (or both in the case of non identical twins)

The egg travels down the fallopian tube and awaits the arrival of sperm. Only about 200 sperm successfully reach the egg. Fertilisation occurs when just 1 sperm penetrates the egg.

The egg travels further down the fallopian tube and into the uterus. If the egg splits, this is when you are blessed with identical twins.

The egg burrows itself into the uterus wall on day 7.

Weeks 4 - 8

An Embryo Forms

The ball of cells which is developing into your baby is the size of a poppy seed.

At the 5th week of your pregnancy the ball of cells now resembles a tadpole as big as a peppercorn. The creation of the spinal cord, heart, brain and blood vessels are now well on the way.

By the 6th week of pregnancy your baby has tripled in size and is now the size of a lentil.

At the beginning of your 7th week your baby is now the size of a coffee bean. The umbilical cord is now visible.

By the 8th week the baby is now the size of a blueberry. The hands and feet can now be recognised, with webbed fingers and toes.

Weeks 9 - 12

Embryo To Fetus

Your baby is now about an inch long and is starting to look more like a baby. Your baby may start hiccuping, which is the first movement that it can make at this stage.

By week 10 your baby is about the size of a grape. The eyes, eyelids and eyebrows have started to grow.

By week 11 the baby is about 2 inches long.

By week 12 the baby is almost 3 inches long, and has finger nails, toe nails and bones forming.

Weeks 13 - 17

Second Trimester begins

By week 14 your baby is the size of a nectarine. Your baby can now begin to hear sounds. Your baby is also able to move, touch it's belly and scratch it's head.

By week 16 your baby is 5 inches long, they can make a fist and suck their thumb.

Weeks 18 - 21

Feeling Baby Move

Your baby is now the size of a mango and the bones are becoming harder. The tiny fingers now have unique finger prints. The legs are now longer then the arms and it is at this stage that you may start to feel kicking.

You are now half way through your pregnancy during week 20, and your baby is the size of a coconut. You could now find out the sex of your baby! :)

Weeks 22 - 25

Developing Sences

Your baby will double in size within the next 4 weeks. The lungs and vocal cords are developing rapidly, and hair is starting to grow on their head. Your baby is now beginning to recognise your voice.

Weeks 26 - 30

Sleep Cycles

Your baby is now the size of a large zucchini and the eyebrows and lashes are well defined.

By week 27 you are in your 3rd trimester. Your baby may now be able to distinguish between your voice and your partners voice.

By 28 weeks your baby is the size of an iceberg lettuce head. They can now open their eyes and blink.

At week 30 your baby is now the size of an eggplant. They now have sleep cycles and may begin to dream.

Weeks 31 - 34

Growing Big

By week 31 your baby is the size of a small melon.

By week 34 your baby’s bones are fully developed but are still soft. They can now turn their head and move their body from side to side.

Week 35 - Birth

Your Baby Is Almost Here

Your baby should now be upside down in the uterus, ready for the birth. Your baby is now gaining lots of weight and will be stretching more and more, due to lack of space.

Once you start having contractions the walls around your baby will tighten and your cervix will dilate around the head. The bones in your baby’s head are still soft which will enable them to move, making the passage out a little easier.

Your waters will break and with every contraction the baby’s head is forced against your cervix. The baby will make twisting movements, helping to get through the birthing canal.

Your baby will take their first breath and it is time to cut the umbilical cord.

Congratulations Mum, it is time to finally meet your baby!! :)

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