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Your pregnancy Announcement - Shout It From The Rooftops

Eek, it's been confirmed that you are pregnant, expecting a baby .... who's the first person you tell, and how do you do it? Whether or not you decide to wait until after the 12 week scan to announce your happy news, it's a hard secret to keep to yourself.

Last week, I saw an article about a wife, who surprised her unsuspecting husband with her pregnancy news during a staged photoshoot, which reduced him to tears of happiness. I wonder if this will catch on, and perhaps be an additional package that I could offer in the future .... what do you think?

There was also the fiancée, who wouldn't be seeing her airman fiancé for 5 weeks, so she broke the news by asking him to play a "wedding engagement game". You can watch this adorable video, which I recently shared to my "Yummy Mummies Bagshot (and surrounding areas)" Facebook group, and see how the whole thing unfolds.

What about celebrities, how have they gone about sharing their baby news to the world?

♡ Remember all the speculation, that seemed to go on forever, about Cheryl Cole being pregnant? There was no mistaking her baby bump in that Prince's Trust/L'Oreal photo on her Instagram account!

♡ Singer, Beyonce, broke the news that she was expecting twins in an almost ethereal photo showing off her baby bump, whilst wearing a veil. She had previously teased fans with a photo of herself on the beach, buried in sand with a giant bump.

♡ Actress, and former wrestler, Stacy Keibler, broke the news with a rather cute photo of, quite literally, a bun cooking in her kitchen oven.

♡ Actress, Blake Lively, used her new website, Preserve, to announce that she and her husband, Ryan Reynolds, were expecting a baby - a post about expectant mothers included a gorgeous photo of the pregnant actress at the end.

♡ Singer, Kelly Rowland, announced her pregnancy in 2014 by posting a photo on instagram of a pair of baby boy shoes next to a pair of men's shoes.

♡ Musician, Tom Fletcher, and his wife, Giovanna, created Halloween pumpkin lanterns spelling out "we're having a baby" for the first pregnancy with baby Buzz. Second time around, Tom dusted off his old Sega Mega Drive - Buzz was 'player one' and Giovanna held a scan photo against her tummy with the slogan 'player 2 -loading'.

♡ Simon Gregson, who plays Steve McDonald in Coronation Street, revealed that he and his wife, Emma, were expecting their third child with a photo of their protruding tummies - Simon's with "beer" written on it, and Emma's with "baby".

Well.. you don't need to be a celebrity with 10 million Instagram followers to be just as excited about your little bundle that is on the way. Get creative and announce your pregnancy with a big surprising gesture to your friends & family.. they will love it!

Alternatively if you would like to book in a photo session with me to help with your announcement then I would love to get involved in this exciting time.

Annie x

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