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Why Should I book A Newborn Photo shoot?

With Newborn & Baby Photography becoming more & more popular over the years it is now seen as the done thing to do.. after all who doesn’t want beautiful images of their little ones whilst they are still so tiny?

Being pregnant and getting the nest ready is such an exciting time and you want to make sure that everything is going to be perfect.

However.. parents see images of cute sleepy babies and think that newborn photographs are super easy to achieve and that babies just sleep all day long.. but let me tell you a secret... thats really not the case.

Finding the right photographer for you can take some time, so if booking a photo shoot is on your ‘to-do’ list then remember to bring it straight to the top :)

Booking in before your little one arrives means that you are guaranteed a slot for when your baby arrives. Here at Annie Allen Photography I only pre-book a set amount of newborns per month so I have some wiggle room in my diary for premature or overdue babies.. because who knows then they might decide to make an appearance.

There are lots of lovely options out there for different styles of photo shoots with newborns. You could choose to capture images of baby alone, the whole family, newborn with Mummy & Daddy or even your newborn with their older siblings. This is a very special time, where your little one will only be small once... so there is lots to think about.

Newborn babies are so delicate. They are unable to regulate their own body temperature and for that reason they have poor circulation, and they are unable to support their own bodies and so need to be positioned well. Because of these reasons it is very important to use a professional well trained photographer when booking a newborn photo shoot.

If you feel that I am the right photographer for you then I would love to hear from you!

Annie x

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