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Things To Do To Prepare Before Your Baby Arrives

You will soon be very busy, tired, rushed off your feet, swamped with visitors… and not to mention no sense of time as hours will go by where you realise you have just been lovingly staring at your new beautiful baby.

I have put together a list of things that you may want to consider getting done/or buying before your baby arrives.

There are plenty of things to buy so I wont possibly be able to mention them all - But here is a little start to jog your memory of what you may need.

Nursing pads

Waterproof bed protector



breast pump

Get in the food shopping

Install a baby car seat


Cot for your room

Comfy clothing

…And nappies up to your eyeballs.

Birth plan - Always good to be prepared

Pack your hospital bag - As you never know when your little one might make an appearance

Hire a one-off cleaner - Or if your anything like me you’ll sanitise the entire house until you drop

Preparing the nursery - And no, you probably wont even use the nursery space for months, however I'm sure you wont be able to relax until its perfect

Book a newborn photo shoot - So you have those adorable images to add to a special birth announcement for family & friends

Gather addresses - Once baby arrives this will probably be the last thing on your mind, so preparing everyone’s addresses to send the announcements to will be much easier to do now whilst you have time.

There are tonnes of other resources out there online with helpful tips, advice and support. One of the fantastic websites that I came across called Mom Loves best has an amazing pregnancy checklist. It guides you through each trimester with tick boxes to make sure you don't miss anything important. They even have a printable pdf, its defiantly worth checking out.

But for now Mumma, relax, enjoy... and relax some more!

Annie x

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