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Mummy & Me Photo Sessions

I have recently started offering Mummy & Me photo sessions as I’ve been reminded that life is truly precious and filled with moments that we can often take for granted… So now is the perfect time to capture memories with your baby regardless of their age.

These sessions are super relaxed and a lot of fun. There wont be any major poses.. and you will rarely be asked to look at the camera. This is because this session is all about capturing the bond between mother and child. You can just sit back, relax and play with your baby.

How will the studio be set up?

The studio will be set up with a bed and fresh white linen, next to a large window with lots of beautiful light. This is designed to appear as if you are at home playing with your baby in the bedroom.

What do I bring to the photo shoot?

As my style is very fresh and natural I do recommend that you wear white or a very light item of clothing as this will really compliment the end result - example a long white maxi dress, or a white top with casual trousers / jeans.

If your baby is 1 year of age or under then I will provide clothing for them, unless they have an outfit that you would like included in the session.

You are also welcome to bring along anything that will make you and your baby feel comfortable - example a light coloured blanket, their favourite teddy, children books etc.

As previously mentioned, this is a very relaxed photo session so even if you are like me and don’t like to be in front of the camera then you will still enjoy this session as there aren’t any major poses.

If you would like to find out more information or to book a photo session with Annie Allen Photography the feel free to pop me a message.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Annie x

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