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Photos With Your Newborn Baby

Having a brand new baby may be the most exciting thing that could ever happen in your life time.. this is certainly the biggest change that will come into your life.

After having your baby you most likely wont feel like yourself… you’ll probably be crazy tired, worried.. and just not feeling yourself.

Mothers self confidence is usually at its lowest after having a baby, and this is completely understandable considering the huge changes that your body has been through over the past few months.

A lot of Mothers that come to my studio aren’t always too keen on having their picture taken, which is completely their choice.. however I do always explain to them that this is such a precious time that they wont ever get back. I also explain that I can take a picture of them with baby right up on their chest near their face so I can crop in tightly.

One of my favourite things to do on a rainy day is to look back over old photos and reminisce. I love seeing pictures of my Mum with us children and see how much we have grown and how everyone has changed. If I didn’t have those pictures then id feel very sad!

Consider having pictures with your newborn baby as these will one day be cherished too!

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Annie x

Photo sessions covering Bagshot, Camberley, Frimley, Aldershot, Farnham, Farnborough, Bracknell, Egham, Windsor, Reading, Guildford and other surrounding areas.

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