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Bonding With Your Unborn Baby - Baby Bump Bonding

It seems that pregnancy goes on forever and it can be exhausting, tiring and stressful for Mum.

As you go further into your pregnancy and that little bump grows bigger and bigger, you’ll start to feel much more like a mum-to-be.

Bonding with your baby during pregnancy is very important but also a lovely experience for both parents to help feel that connection with your little baby growing inside.

Using bonding techniques is also a great was to keep you motivated and positive on what seems like the longest road ever!

Here are some tips to bond with your baby bump:

- Massage your bump -

There are some lovely pregnancy oils out there that are great for that growing bump. Bio oil is another great one that helps prevent stretch marks. (Always check which ones are safe to use)

Massaging is a lovely way to relax, pamper yourself, moisturise your skin and bond with your baby.

Ask your partner to massage you too as this will help him feel included, form a bond with baby and feel closer to you too.

- Sing and talk to your baby -

Your baby starts to hear sounds from inside the tummy at around 18-20weeks. These are sounds of Mums heartbeat and hungry tummy gurgling.

Although your baby’s hearing is developing all of the time it is around 23-24 weeks that they can start to hear more from the outside world.

At this point your baby can hear music and voices. Talking and singing to your baby can be a great way to bond with them. Although you won’t know if they are really listening studies have shown that they recognise Mum & Dads voice once they are born, and so this can be a comforting feeling for your little one.

- Respond to baby’s kicks -

The average Mum starts to feel the first flutters at around 18-20weeks, however you can feel them as early as 13weeks.

Flutters can be so reassuring as there are often days or even weeks where you won’t feel any movement during the beginning of your pregnancy.

From this point on your baby is only getting bigger and stronger.. and so the flutters will soon turn into kicks which you will feel daily.

Responding to your baby’s kicks is like a secret two-way communication that is just between you two.. this can be a special feeling that knowing else knows about.. a little connection between you both.

- Look at your scan picture regularly -

Pregnancies can feel like they are going on forever and so keeping a copy of the scan picture close by is a nice way to remind yourself who is in there. Your baby bump is a home to a small browning person and it is nice to remind yourself of this.

- Download pregnancy apps to keep updated on the growth of your baby -

To feel that connection with your your baby and have some information to refer to regarding their growth is important. There are some brilliant apps out there now that are very useful and have great information like: the size of your baby compared to fruit, week by week updates on their development, their current weight, blogs on preparation, ideas for baby names etc.

- Practise hypnobirthing -

They say a calm pregnancy and birth can help in the early days once your baby is born.

There are lots of places where you can practice hypnobirthing. This technique is designed to help you stay calm and in control of your body during labour.

- Try things that make you feel relaxed -

Staying relaxed during pregnancy is beneficial for you and your baby in many ways. We are all different and have different needs so it may vary from person to person. Here are some ideas of good ways to stay relaxed: pregnancy massages, relaxing music, swimming, pregnancy yoga, hot baths (at a safe temperature for baby.)

Remember, if you are relaxed then baby is relaxed!

- Document and photograph your development -

One of the things that I loved to do during my pregnancy was document things as they came and put this down in a baby book for my baby to read when they are older. Doing this felt like I was writing a diary to them in the form of a story.

For example, the date of my first kick, when and how we announced the pregnancy to family and friends, copies of scan pictures etc.

Another lovely way to record this special time is to photograph your bump as it grows or book a maternity photo shoot at around 30-34 weeks.

- Get dad involved in as much as you can -

Dads can often feel a little pushed out or unconnected from their unborn baby, and so it is important to let them get involved if they are comfortable to do so.

Dads can come to actives and pregnancy classes with you, read baby books and download apps to get information on baby’s development, and most importantly massage bump and sing and talk to your baby bump.

I hope you found some of these tips helpful and it puts you in a positive mindset to go and bond with your beautiful baby bump!

If you would like to book a maternity photo shoot with me to record this special time then feel free to pop me a message.

I also offer newborn and older baby photo sessions.

Annie x

Photo sessions covering Bagshot, Camberley, Frimley, Aldershot, Farnham, Farnborough, Bracknell, Egham, Windsor, Reading, Guildford and other surrounding areas.

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